Este espacio esta dedicado a honrar el trabajo y el pensamiento de nuestra comunidad latina en Ingles.

Operating under a double moral standard

These acts by different religions across history are what I would call a double moral standard. On one hand its ministries are the depositories of goodness, love, and justice for all, and on the other hand, they are a terror to humanity, both physically...

The Dreams of Our Ancestors

 I am sorry to tell you that there is no place for despair in the hearts of the dream keepers. That when things are not easy, or when we come face to face with hatred or evil, we must show up with love, reaching out to each other to find the strength we need to defend our dreams.

Dos Caras de la Misma Moneda 

More generally, in Mexico to this day, the word indio is used as an insult among mestizos and whites.Institutionalized racism is blatant and permeates all social and economic strata, as well as institutions like politics, religion, and the media.
De manera más generalizada, en México hasta el día de hoy la palabra “indio” se usa como una gran ofensa entre los mestizos y los blancos. El racismo institucionalizado es descarado y atraviesa todas las capas sociales y económicas, la religión, la política y los medios de comunicación.

Theology Under Construction

After traveling to and from physics, having learned that science isn’t truth, physics isn’t reality, and the nature of time is still very distant from our comprehension, I reached theology. (Read original article in Spanish) By Mirla Leal/ translated by...

No, I am not an angry Latino

Why aren't there more Latinx people in our UU faith? Because we still need to open our systems, doors and hearts to them.  A powerful Latinx voice from academia exploring how it feels to be an outsider. Historia completa: Baptiste News Global "Occupying a...

To the Woman on the Bench

by her son, FL González She began life on a scarp hill in Puerto Rico’s ancient cordillera, where the sun drops from the face of the earth from time to time. A social worker poet that moved to New England, and the last to rise from a park bench in Bethel,...

Surprised by Joy!

Inspired by CS Lewis’ autobiography Surprised by Joy, I began tracing my own life journey for memories of joy…. I am a product of adobe walls, dirt floors, canvas roofs, water wells, shadows and sunlight playing among the grape vines and pine...

Beyond Belief

Sermon delivered by Rev. Peter Morales at at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington Virginia. As a child I attended a small Lutheran bilingual mission church in San Antonio’s west side Barrio - a tiny Protestant island in a vast Catholic sea. My mother had...

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